Tolkien's The Children of Húrin, and in particular its tragic hero Túrin Turambar, are the inspiration behind BATTLELORE's latest album. "Doombound" is the Finn's very first concept album, giving Túrin's experiences and adventures new life. The band's unmistakable brand of epic fantasy metal revels in sonorous melodies, mystic and mysterious sounds, and heavy Middle Earth inspired riffs. The elven-like vocals of Kaisa Jouhki meet the Uruk-Hai screams of front orc Tomi Mykkänen, transforming tracks such as "Kärmessurma", "Olden Gods", and "Last of the Lords" into an integral soundtrack to Tolkien's world. The fellowship was supported technically by Janne Saksa (Sound Supreme Studio) and Dan Swanö, who meticulously conjured the new album's breathtaking sound. True fans will adore the limited edition first pressing 6-panel digipack, which includes a bonus DVD (Live at Club Nosturi 2008 and 2009, video clips, and behind-the-scenes footage). "Doombound" shows the Finns at their very best and is the ideal starting point for a journey to Middle Earth for both Battlelore enthusiasts and Tolkien admirers!

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