The story of King Thrym, who dared steal ThorĀ“s hammer "Mjollnir", may set the lyrical stage on Tyr's latest album, but it does not prevent them from covering more current topics like in the track "Shadow of the Swastika". "The Lay of Thrym" follows the path of the band's previous releases by uniting classic heavy metal riffs with impressive drumming, traditional melodies, and powerful choruses. The result is a number of epic anthems, such as "Take Your Tyrant" and "Hall of Freedom", both of which will most certainly earn a permanent spot on Tyr's future setlists. Frontman Heri Joensen continues to give Tyr a unique and unmistakable edge with magnificent vocals and superb guitar work. Jacob Hansen was again responsible for recording, mixing, and mastering the album, complementing this fascinating Faeroese sound universe with finishing touches that allow every last detail to shine. "The Lay of Thrym" is a genuine Viking metal album that will undoubtedly secure Tyr's hold on this genre with its heroic melodies and glorious riffs.