CRIMFALL delivers a more than impressive debut with "As the Path Unfolds...". Finding a golden mean between Turisas, Finntroll, Nightwish, and Hollywood's monumental soundtracks, the Finns  present a brand of Epic Folk Metal that overflows with grand passages and a love of detail.  Sonorous orchestrations, classical arrangements, and folk melodies meet tempestuous metal riffs, yielding a sweeping mix that like a gust of fresh wind overtakes the genre. Mikko and Helena share the vocal responsibilities, and it is this interaction that provides for a thrilling framework. Finnvox Studio's mastering allows the opulent tracks to come into their own with strength and clarity, while Kris Verwimp's (Moonsorrow, Arkona) artwork refines this package.  "As the Path Unfolds..." offers Epic Folk Metal that will take both metal and soundtrack fans by storm. (Where Waning Winds Lead.mp3)

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