The resistance moves to the next level. A little over 2 years since ARTAS released their explosive debut, they return ready to unleash yet another musical monster.
The underground rebels remain uncompromising, continuing on their chosen path.
"Riotology" is a true modern metal beast that surprises with a highly volatile mix of thundering double bass, aggressive riffs, and melodic interludes. The disparate vocal styles (clean, screams, growls) present on the album support the multifaceted instrumental fraction and are perfect for the multilingual lyrics that include German, English, Spanish, and French. Jacob Hansen (Heaven Shall Burn, Neaera, Hatesphere) mix and mastering give the tracks on "Riotology" their superb sound, while Jan Yrlund's (Impaled Nazarene, Korpiklaani, Tyr) somber artwork perfectly captures the album's character. With the modern metal anthems found on "Riotology", ARTAS will undoubtedly soon recruit a mighty legion of brothers-in-arms for the coming rebellion.