Mastermind Martin Schirenc has kept his promise to not make his loyal fanbase wait yet another 7 years for new Hollenthon material.  This sonorous extreme dark metal apocalypse proceeds to the next round with "Tyrants and Wraiths".  The MCD comprises 4 brand-new exclusive tracks in Hollenthon's unique style, which once again makes use of the rampant energy and brutality of metal, combining them with atmospheric melody lines to create a homogenous end result.   Like no other, the Austrian cult band delivers an uncompromising symbiosis of heaviness and melody.  As a special bonus, the MCD also includes two live videos taken from the band's 2008 performance at Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting.  "Tyrants and Wraiths" is an exclusive package sure to once again catapult music lovers everywhere into the eerie and fascinating world of Hollenthon!