naio ssaion have made a name for themselves through their many triumphs in international band competitions and because their immense potential cannot be overlooked once these young Slovenians hit the stage. The debut album, Out Loud, is dynamic, full of fresh ideas, and although the band boasts of an impressive female vocalist, it does not fall into the Gothic Metal genre. Barbara's vocals have not only style, but also a charisma and intense energy that may be compared to that of Evanescence's Amy Lee. The band's secret weapon, however, lies in their alternation between heavy sounds and the use of the violin, which gives the music a style all of its own. naio ssaion is not a band that can be easily categorized, and though it is difficult to find a truly unique band in this day and age, the group seems to be right on target, carefully avoiding the common clich├ęs in order to forge their own path. A band with a very promising future and an album that will surely appeal to fans of Evanescence, Die Happy, or the Guano Apes.

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