For more than 20 years, the Heavy Metal institution has been example for how German steel has to be forged – no-holds-barred, heavy and on maximum volume! The new album "Force of Destruction" stays true to the band’s creed and fires from all cylinders. Heavy riffs, pounding drums, melodic hooklines and catchy refrains turn songs like "Iron Will" or "Bulletstorm" into anthems of the genre. In each and every second, every song on the album breathes the band’s fighting spirit and sense of the tradition. The longplayer was produced by sound wizard Piet Sielck, who has already lent his talents to bands like Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian or Iron Savior. He gave "Force of Destruction" a crystal-clear and heavy sound. The limited first pressing includes the exclusive bonus track "Blood & Iron" that features Piet Sielck & Kai Hansen on guest vocals. Heavy Metal fans know what to do! Traditionally forged Heavy Metal!

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