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Pessimism can be so beautiful: German nautic doomers Ahab have not only created their very own subgenre, they are also incomparable dabblers in solemn melancholy!


They are hitting the sea again! ALESTORM are back with their new and outstanding album “Sunset on the Golden Age”.


The English quartet featuring singer Sophie Day forges forward with hard guitars, pumping heavy grooves and a sound to make fans of this genre, fans of this album


After their last highly acclaimed 2014 album “Magic Forest”, female fronted Finnish Symphonic sextet American Dawn return with "Innuendo", their second studio album with gorgeous singer Päivi "Capri" Selo.


ARKONA returns after three long years and finally releases the new album "Yav".


The resistance moves to the next level. A little over 2 years since ARTAS released their explosive debut, they return ready to unleash yet another musical monster.


"Arv", the long overdue new release from the charismatic Norwegian formation has finally arrived.


The breathtaking cover of "Skylight" makes it clear from the beginning where the journey comprising 10 tracks will lead to.


The latest ATROCITY opus "OKKULT" is the start of an album trilogy! ATROCITY shows a musical diversity and delivers a powerful, homogeneous and atmospheric album.


ATROCITY, one of Germany's most successful metal bands, is one of the most experimental and diverse musical acts in the history of metal.

AUDIOTOPSY - Natural Causes

Members of Mudvayne, Hellyeah and Skrape joined to follow old instincts and at the same time create their own unique version of heavy modern sounds with Natural Causes.


One may mourn the Seventies, miss the glorious Eighties and consider the Nineties as a particularly undervalued decade. You could also simply slide Pure Heavy by Norwegian Rock band AUDREY HORNE into your CD player and get all of the missing rock eras delivered for free.