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Formed in 2006 by left-handed lead guitarist Eric Hersemann (Diabolic, Hate Eternal), GIGAN is a heavy, psychadelic band with no musical boundaries. High-velocity and musical dexterity are focal points, but never does the extremity overwhelm.


With "Landkjenning" (in English "Landing"), Glittertind commemorates the history and poetry of the Norwegian homeland.


Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards is the next chapter of the epic Gloryhammer saga! It rewrites history and future alike and raises the Astral Hammer to smash the evil Chaos Wizards: this extravagant background is perfect material for galloping, highly melodic power metal that merges galactic fire with unforgettable metal anthems!


Spherical sound, atmospheric compositions & pure Psychedelic Rock!


GORMATHON is a band that knows no fear. Melodic Death Metal and Thrash elements are in their sound, influences from modern Heavy Metal to inspirations of old Metal heroes from the eighties.


These Heavy Metal legends will snap your neck all while healing you with epic melodies and anthems!


A timeless rock masterpiece where every track in enchanting!