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Positively filthy rock meets gloriously sublime classic metal, thrash, speed, punk and hardcore on Napalm debut album Profound And Profane!


Highly melodic and swift anthems, aggressive lead guitars, choruses you`d kill your mother for and Joacim Cans` inimitable, steel-melting voice turn this oeuvre into one of the most consistent, exciting and passionate HammerFall ever recorded!


The essence of extreme and unholy metal! Beyond anything HATE have ever done before!


The infamous Danish institution responsible for delivering the heaviest of riffs unleashes its latest album "The Great Bludgeoning": a merciless and brutal inferno that will leave a trail of destruction in its wake.


Classic inspired Power Metal project from VAN CANTO mastermind feat. Jörg Michael (Ex-STRATOVARIUS) HEAVATAR is the new project from VAN CANTO Mastermind Stefan Schmidt, who exchanges the "A Cappella" sounds with loud guitars on "All my Kingdoms"


Fire of resistance! A perfect blend of Folk Metal & Pagan Metal fashioned the HEIDEVOLK way!


The opener "The Devil Is Calling My Name" welcomes all who dare enter the uncompromising world of this Austrian black metal institution.


Mastermind Martin Schirenc has kept his promise to not make his loyal fanbase wait yet another 7 years for new Hollenthon material.


Honeymoon Disease are proof that the Modern Retro Rock movement is not a male dominated genre, with two women, Jenna and Acid, jointly responsible for their unique sound


Static – the third album by Huntress – easily poses the most exciting and perfectly arranged release by Huntress to date: a feast of both flesh and spirituality! Timeless metal elegance, aggressive outbursts and sweeping melodies bring Static to life!


With their second album "Embrace the Fall", Chicago's extreme thrashers HURTLOCKER deliver exactly that for which they are known: extreme Thrash Metal garnished with blast beats, brutal death blows and a large helping of aggression.