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Songs as black as the night, texts from bitter cold reality, steely guitars, sublime fanfare and whipping drum grooves, which maltreat as metal anvil-blows the skull


naio ssaion have made a name for themselves through their many triumphs in international band competitions and because their immense potential cannot be overlooked once these young Slovenians hit the stage.


Canada's own Necronomicon celebrates the return of the witch with dark rituals and obscure incantations, transforming this debut album into an excessive orgy.


‘Uprise\' is a gem that reveals its many-splendored colors more and more each time you press play!


Nervosa indulge in relentlessly raw all-female thrash metal on their second studio album Agony that almost effortlessly merges the energy of the glorious 80s with the refined aggression of this millennium.


"Ascending in Triumph" is the second album for the Swedish formation Nox Aurea, a band that that worships doom metal's majestic darkness with heart and soul.