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Just recently the gleemen’s live album "Manufactum III" made it to number 16 in the German longplay charts, and now SALTATIO MORTIS are back with their highly anticipated brand-new rock album!


Unrestrained pioneers. Avantgardists. K.I.N.G.s – all this and more is the nature of the primal force and the dark beauty that is Satyricon! Front icon Satyr and drummer extraordinaire Frost have broken loose from the shackles of genre restrictions a long time ago and chose to tread their own paths exclusively.


Although these rogues describe themselves as fat, ugly, and asocial, the impish imagery should not turn them a blind eye, nor a deaf ear, for that matter.


Sweeping and Bombastic Symphonic Metal Masterpiece. On their fourth album, the Austrian Symphonic Metal band dives deep into long forgotten centuries and draws the listeners attention to historical personalities like Henry VIII of England, Napoleon or Alexander the Great.


Available for the first time domestically in many years, SETHERIAL's classic "Nord" and "Hell Eternal" albums have been resurrected for a whole new generation of extreme-metal fans.


Out of the ashes of the legendary Type O Negative, a new band emerges from the very heart of Brooklyn, New York. Type O Negative veterans Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly could not have chosen a better moniker for their new group, than the Dante-inspired "Seventh Void".


Gothic rock full of longing, tragedy, and melancholy: Mastermind Johan Ericson (Draconian) reveals a further facet of his musical craftsmanship, proving that he still is in command when it comes to dark romanticism.


"Nibelung" is the last worthy chapter of Siegried's trilogy. The Austrian formation has perfectly forged their unique steel hymns and epic metal sounds characterized once again by heavy guitar riffs, powerful choirs, and sonourous keyboard melody lines.


Sorrowful melodies, melancholic lyrics, and a somber atmosphere are typical of Finnish bands. SINAMORE also adheres to these principles, as heard on their outstanding debut, which conquered the darkish hearts of Metal and Gothic fans alike, and unerringly established the band among greats such as Sentenced and H.I.M.


Sirenia invite you the listener on a cinematic journey with their new album The Seventh Life Path. This amazing new album is comfortably nestled in between gothic metal and symphonic grandeur.


From the Nordic coolness of Island: Skalmöld dash again with a fiery Viking Metal style that defies every winter and even brings the thickest ice floes to melt.


"Kill the Power" bringt SKINDRED auf ein völlig neues Level.


SONS OF SEASONS steps into the limelight once again to deliver a second album that is even more impressive than their debut.


Slab City sounds like a smelly rehearsal room, beer, sweat and honest work. Dry, groovy Stoner Rock, inspired by genre greats such as Dozers, Freedom Hawk, Fu Manchu or of course the almighty Kyuss, associated with a few spacey influences from the psychedelic Monster Magnet corner.


The Dutch formation's fourth release, "Darker Days", catapults Stream of Passion from insider tip to undisputed trailblazer of the gothic metal genre.


STRIKER carry on the tradition of consistently high level first-class Heavy Metal bands hailing from Canada.


With "The Great Revival" the American crossover legends deliver impressive renewed signs of life. No other STUCK MOJO release has ever emphasized the band's musical roots to a greater extent or offered such an accomplished mix of heavy metal riffs, catchy hooklines, and seventies style rock.


The glorious return of a legend - SUMMONING! Seven long and agonizing years have finally come to an end, as "Old Mornings Dawn" - the highly anticipiated new album by the cult band SUMMONING


With their latest album, Svartsot journeys to a 14th century Denmark ravished by the plague. The tracks on "Maledictus Eris" describe the fate of those confronted with the horrors of the Black Death.


The Perfect Mix of Stoner, Danzig & Iron Maiden. SVÖLK finally releases their highly anticipated new album "Nights under the Round Table".


The Norwegian quartet take on yet another journey into the depths of human emotion with "Dark Burial", delivering a black-as-night diamond in the raw complete with all its jagged edges.