They are hitting the sea again! ALESTORM are back with their new and outstanding album “Sunset on the Golden Age”.


ARKONA returns after three long years and finally releases the new album "Yav".


"Arv", the long overdue new release from the charismatic Norwegian formation has finally arrived.


CRIMFALL delivers a more than impressive debut with "As the Path Unfolds..."


After long years of waiting, the cries of Odin's ravens and the powerful thunder of Thor's hammer Mjöllnir resonate over Midgard.


With "Landkjenning" (in English "Landing"), Glittertind commemorates the history and poetry of the Norwegian homeland.


The Swedish visionary returns with new Folk Metal anthems!


A mythical & utterly beautiful Folk/Pagan Metal journey!


3rd Album from the Swedish Nordic Medieval Folk Band The band revolving around the brothers Rimmerfors return with their third album.


MIDNATTSOL captures the imagination of their fans for the third time by whisking them away to the magical world of Nordic legends and sagas.


One of the unsung heroes and originators of the now extremely popular folk metal genre: OTYG's releases, featuring young vocalist/mastermind Vintersorg (VINTERSORG, BORKNAGAR, FISSION) are now available for the first time domestically in many years.


From the Nordic coolness of Island: Skalmöld dash again with a fiery Viking Metal style that defies every winter and even brings the thickest ice floes to melt.


With their latest album, Svartsot journeys to a 14th century Denmark ravished by the plague. The tracks on "Maledictus Eris" describe the fate of those confronted with the horrors of the Black Death.


Following a long sabbatical, the cult band Troll emerges from the blackened Norwegian mist. The legendary formation revolving around frontman Nagash (ex Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant) returns to pay homage to the true black metal genre.


The story of King Thrym, who dared steal Thor´s hammer "Mjollnir", may set the lyrical stage on Tyr's latest album, but it does not prevent them from covering more current topics like in the track "Shadow of the Swastika".


7th Album from the Swedish Viking Pagan Metallers. The time has come to pick up the shields and sharpen the swords – the legions of the North have set sail to conquer!


“Rotkäppchen” is a gem on its own. It is a magical interlude, which has some treasures hidden between his precious DIN A5-pages!