News Blog :: DUST BOLT - Confirm Release Date for Awake The Riot!


Bavaria´s Thrash Metal Monsters DUST BOLT have revealed the cover art and track listing for their Sophomore Release Awake the Riot. The album will be released June 10th in North America on Napalm Records (May 30th G/A/S, FIN & Benelux, June 2nd UK & Rest of Europe, June 4th ESP/SWE/NOR).

Andrei Bouzikov, who is responsible for album covers from bands such as Skeletonwitch and Municipal Waste, created the artwork for Awake the Riot. The album will be released as a Standard CD Edition, Limited 2LP Gatefold and Digital Format.

Awake The Riot Tracklist:

1. Living Hell
2. Soul Erazor

3. Beneath the earth

4. You lost sight

5. Agent Thrash

6. Living a Lie

7. Awake The Riot - The Final War

8. Eternal Waste

9. Drowned in blind faith

10. Worlds built to deceive

11. The Monotonous - Distant scream

12. Future Shock (Evil Dead Cover)