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There are only 4 more weeks to go until the official release date of "Til Fjälls del II", VINTERSORG's highly anticipated sequel to their groundbreaking 1998 album "Till Fjälls", a milestone in the genre of black/pagan metal! Today, we proudly present another new track from the album called "Jökelväktaren".


Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund, master mind behind the captivating sound of VINTERSORG about the opening track of "Til Fjälls del II": "This song is kind of a sequel to the song called ”Jökeln” from the ”Till Fjälls” album from 1998. I really wanted to tie it back to that lyrical theme that deals with Glaciers. The first episode on that old album is more of an observation of the mightiness of a Glacier and how it effects its surroundings, including mankind. On the new episode I took a different path lyric wise. It’s much more from an environmental stand point dealing with sustainability. Mankind continues to treat this planet as garbage in some aspects to the point that we actually contribute to melting poles. So, the lyric is about a human being that sees this and tries to address this problem. Still it has a lot of nature scenery-worship-style. The music has both harsh and soft edges with a very powerful chorus."






"Till Fjälls del II" will be released worldwide on June 30 via Napalm Records, available as a 2- CD 6 page digipak and 2LP gatefold edition (black vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies).


Also available: The VINTERSORG classic "Ödemarkens son" from 1999 on vinyl for the first time ever!!! 1LP gatefold edition, strictly limited to 300 copies!!!



Till Fjälls del II track list:

1. Jökelväktaren

2. En väldig isvidds karga dräkt

3. Lavin

4. Fjällets mäktiga mur

5. Obygdens pionjär

6. Vinterstorm

7. Tusenåriga stråk

8. Allt mellan himmel och jord

9. Vårflod



1. Tillbaka till källorna

2. Köldens borg

3. Portalen

4. Svart måne





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