News Blog :: SLEEPING ROMANCE - Unveil First Details Of Napalm Records Debut “Alba”!


Let the curtain rise on the new Mediterranean Symphonic Metal sensation: SLEEPING ROMANCE!


This Italian quintet displays true mastery, as they fuse bloodcurdling classical sounds with monstrous Melodic Death Metal-riffing.  The music is full of force yet sustained by noble, theatrical flamboyance and provides a symphony for the broken hearted who somehow manage to love again.


Their upcoming album “Alba” leads a journey of orchestral opera arrangements and siren songs; touching, sometimes frightening, but always as personal as can be. Songstress Federica Lanna means every word she sings and Federico Truzzi complements her lovely voice with delicate guitars. Don’t miss out on all details including track listing, release date, available formats and album cover below:






“We are very excited to present our new album "Alba", an album we are very proud of! "Alba" represents a strong musical evolution compared to our debut album and is more dark, powerful and deep. Heavy guitar riffing, a lot of orchestral and choir sections and emotional lyrics is what you'll get from this album. All strings, woodwinds, brasses and choir parts are recorded live to give our songs real life and a great sound.

The concept of Alba, “Dawn” in Italian, centers around the main character and her life that advances through difficulties, choices and mistakes, and leads the character to a positive growth. The message the concept wants to give is that life is complex, full of obstacles, but there’s always a way forward, and an opportunity for everyone to reach what their heart desire.

We really hope you will appreciate our second album, both the music and the concept and atmosphere!”



Watch out a very first behind the scenes studio video and get a very first glimpse of their title track HERE!


“Alba” will be released on November 3rd 2017 via Napalm Records and available as digital download as well as Jewel Case. The full track listing can be found below:


  1. Overture - Twilight
  2. Where The Light Is Bleeding
  3. Lost In My Eyes
  4. Touch The Sun
  5. Forgiveness
  6. My Temptation
  7. Across The Sea
  8. Everything Behind
  9. Through The Looking Glass
  10. Alba
  11. Underture – Daylight



SLEEPING ROMANCE's frenetic “Alba” is not to be ignored. Get your pre-order HERE!



Federica Lanna - Vocals
Truzzi Federico - Guitar and orchestra
Lorenzo Costi - Bass
Francesco Zanarelli - Drums
Fabrizio Incao - Guitar



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