News Blog :: RUMAHOY - Sign To Napalm Records!


Load all of your gun barrels and light them up!


The pirate metal-ravagers of RUMAHOY are firing off their signing news with Napalm Records into the seven seas! Welcome to the Napalm Records family!


Captain Yarrface states:
"AHOY! Captain Yarrface here, welcome to the sea! It fills our pirate hearts with heritage and yarr to sign a letter of marque with the prestigious Napalm Records. It's time to plunder the oceans!"

Pirate Metal? Oh yes! Here’s what you can expect from this power four piece hailing from the Caribbean sea or let’s better say North Carolina to be more precise!





RUMAHOY’s music mixes bustling Pagan Metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation, producing melodies that run like the swell of stormy seas!   Make sure to beware of dancing peg legs when Captain Yarrface asks for a fervent "Forest Party,” or you and your parrot might be thrown overboard!


Their first full-length studio album and Napalm Records debut will be released in 2018! So believe it or not: Pirates are real, and you cannot escape. The ocean's finest devils are out to get you landlubbers. And they will!



RUMAHOY Line-up:
Captain Yarrface - Vocals
Bootsman Walktheplank - Guitars
Cabin Boy Treasurequest - Bass
Swashbuckling Pete - Drums


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