News Blog :: EXIT EDEN - Release First Live Video Of “Rhapsodies In Black”!



EXIT EDEN - Premieres the live video of their cover version for the song "Unfaithful" originally by Rihanna, shot at Hamburg Metal Dayz! Check it out HERE!


EXIT EDEN? Yes, this is the all-female four piece band featuring charismatic singers in Amanda Somerville, Clémentine Delauney, Marina La Torraca and Anna Brunner. This power package shows pretty clear the world that almost every classic song can be transformed into a solid metal-rock song!


Cosmopolitan, self-confident, independent and ready to do their very own thing, EXIT EDEN have already released six chapters of their “Rhapsodies in Black” HERE:








"Unfaithful” (Rihanna Cover) HERE

Impossible” (Shontelle Cover) HERE

Incomplete” (Backstreet Boys Cover) HERE

Paraprazzi” (Lady Gaga Cover) HERE

“Total Eclipse Of The Heart” (Bonnie Tyler) HERE

“A Question Of Time” (Depeche Mode) HERE




Full "Rhapsodies in Black" track listing:

1. Question Of Time

2. Unfaithful

3. Incomplete

4. Impossible

5. Frozen

6. Heaven

7. Firework

8. Skyfall

9. Total Eclipse

10. Paparazzi

11. Fade To Grey



Get your copy of the chart-hitting album "Rhapsodies in Black” HERE!



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