News Blog :: STEAK - New Album Title, Tracklist And Cover Revealed!


They say the British prefer their steak bloody, almost most of them still eat it raw. However, here lies an English piece of STEAK ahead, which is really nice and dry. The Stoner Rockers have just unveiled the artwork, title, track listing & release dates of their upcoming album Slab City (01.09.2014 in the UK, 05.09.2014 in Europe & 09.09.2014 CAN/USA):


Track Listing:

1. Coma
2. Liquid Gold
3. Slab City
4. Pisser
5. Quaaludes and Interludes
6. Roadhead
7. Machine
8. Hanoid
9. Rising
10. Old Timer D.W.


Release Dates:

01.09.2014 UK
05.09.2014 GSA, BeNeLux, Finland
08.09.2014 Rest of Europe
09.09.2014 North America
10.09.2014 Norway, Sweden, Spain