News Blog :: EVIL INVADERS - Release Live Video Of Exodus Cover Track


EVIL INVADERS have released a brand new live video for the track “Fabulous Disaster“! A very well done cover version of the classic from Thrash Metal giants EXODUS!

Singer Joe states:
“Playing this Exodus song at our last headlining show was one of our most intense moments on stage so far! It's hard to describe what happens to you when tons of adrenaline are pumping through your veins when over 600 fans are going completely INSANE together with you. Afterwards we even heard that people got carried away because of the madness in the crowd. This is the way Speed/Thrash Metal shows should be like! It's all about the adrenaline, the intensity and maniacs going completely WILD!  We're currently touring throughout Europe so hopefully a lot of Thrashers will show up and join the party haha!”

See what happens when EVIL INVADERS meet metal giants EXODUS here!