News Blog :: WALLS OF JERICHO - Ask For Fans To Be “Relentless” As They Prepare to Enter the Studio!


WALLS OF JERICHO are asking their fans to record themselves saying the phrase “I Am Relentless”. The band will then take these clips and make them part of an intro for a song on the new album. Please email the audio clips to They can be iPhone or Smart Phone voice recordings.


The song is attached to The Relentless Foundation. The mission of the Relentless Foundation is to build relationships, change lives by uniting strong men and women with even stronger children.

The Relentless Detroit Foundation was created to raise money, awareness and support for local MI families with children diagnosed with life threatening illnesses.

The foundation raises the bulk of t
he money donated by hosting a yearly powerlifting meet. Power lifters from the United States and Canada come together for this event after spending months training and raising funds to support the families involved. This event is modeled after a powerlifting fundraiser that takes place annually in Minnesota.


Relentless Detroit and Relentless Minnesota work closely to support each other during both events.

Leading up to the Relentless Detroit powerlifting meet other fundraisers are coordinated by Relentless Detroit supporters. These events help cover operating costs associated with the meet, in addition to funds for the families. The events that take place outside of the two day powerlifting meet also facilitate relationships between the lifters, families and everyone involved.
Their goal is to not only raise money for these families, but also help strengthen and add to their existing support system.