News Blog :: AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE - Release Details Of Upcoming Album “Tango Umbrella”!



"Shoot" AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE ‘s 2013 EP marked the band's rebirth, but now it`s time to do the full-length tango! Get ready for AHC’s fourth album: Tango Umbrella!


Chad Hanks on the upcoming album:
"Tango Umbrella, sonically, feels like a combination of "The War Of Art" and "The Feeding". It's a logical progression for us, as we continue experimenting with different feels, sounds, vocal styles, etc. It's heavy in every way possible, and I really think our fans are going to love it. We made the record we wanted to hear, and I feel like we definitely achieved that."

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE`s sound remains firmly rooted in catchy alternative metal, the NWOAHM, with industrial influences and groovy heaviness! Tango Umbrella will mark another milestone in the history of the band.  Tango Umbrella will be released on March 25, 2016 via Napalm Records.





The album artwork was created by Sam Shearon. The track listing will read as follows:


1. Let All The World Believe
2. Drowning Under Everything
3. Perfectionist
4. Sacred
5. I Will Have My Day
6. A King Among Men
7. Suffer Elegantly
8. Antidote
9. Prolific Catastrophe
10. Down And Depraved
11. When The Time Is Never Right


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