News Blog :: BRANT BJORK – Unveils First Details Of Upcoming Album!


Mr. Brant Bjork is back and delivers some hot new details of his upcoming album including title, track listing, release date and album artwork!


As the founder of Kyuss, the singer / guitarist / drummer might be the ultimate icon the Desert Rock scene has to offer – but despite all this praise and worship, Brant’s only concern rests in supplying the planet with unpretentious laid-back rock, adorned with hefty jam-outs!



Tao Of The Devil is the brand new masterpiece and will see the light of day on September 30th via Napalm Records.



The track listing reads as follows:





1 The Greeheen

2 Humble Pie

3 Stackt

4 Luvin'

5 Biker No. 2

6 Dave's War

7 Tao of the Devil

8 Evening Jam (Bonus Track)



Tao Of The Devil is available as:

- 4 page digipack

- 1LP Gatefold

- Deluxe Fan LP Edition limited to 500 copies worldwide:

- 1LP Gatefold on clear Vinyl

- 1LP Slipcase Bonus LP (3 Bonus Tracks) on clear Vinyl

- 4 Page Digipack

- Slipmat

- A2 Poster


Pre-Orders will be available shortly.



Tao Of The Devil is more focused than its predecessor Black Power Flower and boasts a more song-oriented and groovy stoner sound, with a healthy dose of 70s style greatness.



Low Desert Punk Brant Bjork, king of the sweetest flow and forever kissed by the burning sun of Southern Cali! We can't wait to hear more of this stunning new release!




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