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DRESCHER have already won over critics and fans alike with their highly acclaimed Thrash metal debut Erntezeit. Now Steinfeld is the next big thing coming out of Austria. Steinfeld means “field of stones”, but is it as heavy as it sounds? Oh yes, it is! This is something really extraordinary. Ushering in a new kind of music, a new style and a new experience DRESCHER’s music provides it’s listener with authentic Austrian metal in both language and sound. As long as they’ve been cranking their amplifiers, DRESCHER has produced genuine tunes driven by the music within.










Here’s the full track listing of Steinfeld:


01. A bissl Glick

02. Adrenalin

03. Unten

04. Guade oide Zeit

05. Regen

06. Es reignt Bluat (Slayer Cover)

07. Olles ok

08. Endlich leben

09. I will di ausbliatn sehn

10. Der Held

11. Die Marie (Bonus Track)

12. Vater vergib mir (Bonus Track)




Available as limited 4 Page Digipack & 2 Bonus Tracks – out on November 18th 2016 via Napalm Records!  Pre-Orders will be available shortly!




Bernd Wograndl – Vocals & Guitar
Gernot Engel – Guitar (acoustic & electric)
Filip Rado - Accordion
Roland Engel - Bass
Sigi Meier – Drums



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