News Blog :: TOXPACK - Unveil New Album Details!


Berlin, Kreuzberg, and its scene cornerstones like SO36 and Core-Tex have always provided a home for pure, unadulterated streetcore punk lead by their grim heroes: TOXPACK!
Now the band unveiled first and hotly anticipated details on their upcoming and 8th studio album, titled 'Schall & Rausch', set to be released March 31st 2017 on Napalm Records!

TOXPACK have always managed to unit punks, Oi! Skins, rockers, and hardcore purists with energy-laden music to sing, feel, and dance along to. You can`t keep a good band down, and that`s why their latest album 'Friss!' hit the German album charts at #16 in 2014. Sellouts? Commerce? This band will never get lazy. TOXPACK are still the same emotional bombshell that they were back in 2001. 'Schall & Rausch' indulges in huge sing-along choruses and massive melodies, yet maintains a focused, conscise approach to songwriting – and that`s exactly why TOXPACK`s´call for a revolution will be heard loud and clear!


13.04.2017 DE Rostock - Mau Club
14.04.2017 DE Berlin - Cassiopeia
15.04.2017 DE Leipzig - Conne Island
21.04.2017 DE Essen - Don't Panic
22.04.2017 DE Immenhausen – Akku
28.04.2017 DE Schweinfurt – Alter Stattbahnhof
29.04.2017 CH Aarburg - Musicburg
06.05.2017 DE Lübeck - Rider's Cafe
24.06.2017 DE Gräfenhainichen – With Full Force Festival 2017

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