Raise your horns to the newest FEUERSCHWANZ album! Following their most recent, successful #1 charting album, Memento Mori, German medieval folk rockers FEUERSCHWANZ are back with more mischief and a surprise for their fans in the form of a splendid cover album, entitled Todsünden, set for release via Napalm Records on December 30, 2022. Although selected tracks on the album were previously released as part of the Memento Mori and Das Elfte Gebot bonus albums, the medieval rockers decided to give them some extra attention! On this album, the band embarks on a versatile sonic journey through different fields, languages and genres. From pop to punk rock to metal bangers, FEUERSCHWANZ manage effortlessly combine different genres and give each and every song its very own interpretation without losing their original trademarks. This exciting ride starts off with a cover of Swedish pop legends Abba. FEUERSCHWANZ give their world famous song “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” a folk rock vibe with a gloomy but still...


Johanna – violin, hurdy-gurdyr
Hauptmann – vocals, guitar
Hodi – flutes, bagpipes, guitars, vocals
Hans – guitar
Jarne – bass
Rollo – drums
Musch Musch – dance & performance
Myu – dance & performance


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German Medieval Rock Band
Album Cover "Todsünden" Feuerschwanz

Album Cover "Todsünden"

latest album by Feuerschwanz
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