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Hey all, this is Igor, got a minute?..

We in Stoned Jesus have always been extremely proud to be living mostly from music alone. This obviously means playing live, because you're not making money from streaming unless you're really huge. And we are not, we are a DIY band with most band-related processes handled by the band members themselves. Unfortunately the last time we toured was November 2019, and, as you probably know, the third leg of Xth Anniversary Tour was moved from March 2020 to October 2020. This effectively leaves us with no income until November 2020, so no money for StJ for at least a year.

This is why I'm starting this Patreon page - to help StJ function in these tough times in some shape and form. It's not called 'Stoned Jesus Patreon' simply because we haven't seen each other in person since the beginning of this year - and I honestly don't know at the moment when we will - so promising you full band activity like livestreams or studio reports would've been just not true.

This is gonna be me talking to you straight from my Kyiv's bedroom. Just me giving you StJ news first hand when we have any, reminiscing backstage and tour anecdotes, sharing my own early demos, playing guitar, recommending music/movies/books, reacting to stuff - basically doing everything I can to stay connected with you all. Doing everything to keep you entertained, to keep Stoned Jesus afloat financially...and also to keep myself sane.

I'm not gonna pretend this is the most important thing you're reading on the internet today. This is a very strange and uncertain time for us all, for the whole mankind. And obviously there are stranger times ahead as we are stepping on to uncharted territory. But I know there will also be the time when we'll hit the stage, and you'll get to see and hear us playing live again, and I'll make another meme on how everybody wants only "I'm the Mountain" and how underrated are all the other songs :) We just need to get through all this, and Stoned Jesus will survive - hopefully with your aid.

So if you feel like supporting us - please go ahead! Every bit of help is much, much appreciated <3

Also please wash your hands and stay home! Take care, Igor and StJ





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