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Ewige Wacht

VARG, Germany’s top-notch pagan metal force, returns stronger than ever on their new album, entitled Ewige Wacht, to be released on October 13, 2023 via Napalm Records. With their last and most successful record to date, Zeichen (2020, #16 in the German album charts), VARG put the thematic and musical focus completely on their pagan roots. On their brand new brainchild, the wolves follow this path unwaveringly, honest, authentic and raw, and impressively manifest their reincarnation and matchless standing on top of the scene alike! In addition to eleven brand-new songs, the 2-CD Digipac features an exciting bonus CD on which all the songs are performed by a wide variety of well-known guests, including Rotting Christ, Kanonenfieber, Alestorm, Nachtblut, Korpiklaani, Obscurity, Tyr, Forndom, Harpyie and Robse. VARG undoubtedly stand as a firmly rooted, leading entity in ...


Fenrir - Drums
Freki - Vocals, Guitar
Garm - Rythm Guitar
Morkai - Lead Guitar


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Band Logo Zeichen
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Album Cover Ewige Wacht
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