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Hammer King

König und Kaiser


German heavy metal/power metal unit HAMMER KING are back with a brand-new bombastic full-length full of true headbanger hits! The new offering, entitled König und Kaiser, continues the storyline of the band paying homage to the mighty Hammer King, and is set for release on March 22, 2024 via Napalm Records. HAMMER KING, led by ex-Ross The Boss vocalist Titan Fox, was formed in 2015 and has captured the scene with their five previous offerings and live performances, among others at Summer Breeze Open Air following their last album, the massive 2022 release Kingdemonium. On König und Kaiser the band is joined by noteworthy guest features from the likes of The Tribune of labelmates WARKINGS, with whom HAMMER KING is heading out on a huge European tour with in spring 2024. Hammering, fast running double kick drums meet speed riffing on the 10 new metal hymns, crowned by memorable sing-along choruses that are meant to be sung with a fist raised in the air. On König und Kaiser, HAMMER KING continue their collaboration with Charles Greywolf (of genre ...


Titan Fox V - Vocals, Guitar
Gino Wilde - Guitar
Günt von Schratenau - Bass
Dolph Aidan Macallan - Drums


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