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After five long years, pagan folk metal band ARKONA finally return with their ominous ninth studio album, Kob’, to be released on June 16, 2023 via Napalm Records. Once again, the musicians dive into the deep, dark realms of vocalist Masha Scream’s philosophy and views on the future of mankind’s modern existence while they paint their music in the light of pagan traditions. With eight albums under their belts and multi-millions of cross-platform streams, the eight new tracks on Kob’ reveal another side of the band, forming the next chapter in their discography. Preparing listeners for the first step into the abyss, the album opener “Izrechenie. Nachalo” (ENG: The Speech. The Beginning) gently takes the listeners’ hand, leading them into trancelike realms of ominous whispers and murmuring voices - a recurring motif on the album...


Masha „Scream“ – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Sergei „Lazar“ – Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Ruslan „Kniaz“ - Bass
Vladimir „Volk“ - Gaita Gallega, Blockflute, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Sopilka
Andrei Ishchenko - Drums


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Arkona - Russian Folk Metal Band


Russian Folk Metal Band
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