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Dark Waters


DELAIN break into new realms with their eagerly awaited, brand new full-length, Dark Waters, out February 10, 2023 via Napalm Records. The pristine record marks a game-changing chapter in the band's history and presents the brainchild of keyboardist, founder and main songwriter Martijn Westerholt with a new lineup. Rejoining the fold and bolstering DELAIN’s continuity are original guitarist Ronald Landa and original drummer Sander Zoer, while new members - terrific vocalist Diana Leah and bassist Ludovico Cioffi - continue to evolve their sound. Dark Waters follows the chartbreaking Apocalypse & Chill (2020), integrating the most refined sounds in the genre. DELAIN’s renowned orchestral arrangements, highlighted by modern shadings, set new standards and manifest the five-piece on top of the scene. A sonic rollercoaster ride of catchy tunes with explosive elements - ranging from pop to film score-inspired to blistering metal - merge perfectly with Diana’s fantastic voice, ..


Martijn Westerholt - keyboards
Diana Leah - vocals
Ronald Landa - guitars and backing vocals
Ludovico Cioffi – bass and backing vocals
Sander Zoer - drums


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Delain - female fronted Dutch Symphonic Metal Band


female fronted Dutch Symphonic Metal Band
Album Cover "Dark Waters" - Delain

Album Cover "Dark Waters"

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