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Ynglingaättens Öde


Swedish folk metal wolf pack MÅNEGARM take another stroll through ancient sagas and myths of long forgotten times on the successor of chart-breaking Fornaldarsagor (2019) – the upcoming 10th studio album Ynglingaättens Öde (Engl. the fate of the Ynglinga kin) – out April 15, 2022 via Napalm Records. In this multifaceted world of sound, MÅNEGARM incorporate Pagan inspired lyricism based on the old Norse poem Ynglingatal, that describes the fate of an old Norse dynasty - the house of Ynglinga. Ynglingaättens Öde offers balanced variety and atmosphere, breathing new life into ancient myths. Vocalist Erik Grawsiö tells the stories of kings, warriors and battles with clear vocals and contrasts them with grim growls and fierce battle cries! With the uncompromising ten-minute opus “Freyrs blod”, MÅNEGARM lure the listener deep into ancient times. The track spans a wide arc between black metal elements that flow into more melodic parts and even acoustic interludes with guitar and violin tunes, just to turn once again into thunderous soundscapes. With this majestic opener…


Erik Grawsiö - Vocals, Bass
Markus Andé - Guitar
Jacob Hallegren - Drums


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Manegarm - Swedish Viking Metal Band


Swedish Viking Metal Band
Album cover "Ynglingaättens Öde" - Manegarm

Album cover "Ynglingaättens Öde"

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