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Welcome To The Machine

Instrumental psych rock frontrunners MONKEY3 herald 2024 with a true album highlight of the new year. Following Live at Freak Valley (2017) and their latest album, Sphere (2019), February 23, 2024 will see the Lausanne-based four-piece return with their cosmic new studio offering, entitled Welcome To The Machine, via Napalm Records. Welcome To The Machine’s musical themes are inspired by movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Sunshine, Solaris and 1984, while unveiling an intense mankind vs. machines story that instantly launches the listener into deep space. Right from its first tones, the album immediately emerges as a perfect soundtrack to a journey into the unknown. Tracks such as the official album single "Rackman" perfectly showcase how MONKEY3, who formed in 2001, are one of only a few instrumental bands that know how to tell an enthralling story - in this case about an artificial intelligence ...


Walter - Drums
Kevin - Bass
Boris - Guitars
dB - Keys


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