WARKINGS Warriors beware! The mighty warriors return to the battlefield, armed with glorious weapons made of pure Heavy Metal - the time for Revolution has come! The third part of the WARKINGS saga will be unleashed on August 20 via Napalm Records. Sharpen your weapons and join the WARKINGS Revolution! The four ancient kings – a roman Tribune, a wild Viking, a noble Crusader and a martial Spartan – gathered in the golden halls of Valhalla, escaped from the realms of obscurity and fought the Monarchs of the dusk. Back on Earth, the kings forged new battle hymns, and are ready to gather their warriors again for Revolution! Thundering drums, riffs made of steel, and powerful vocals pave their way right from the start of Revolution. The fanfares are set and album opener “We Are The Fire” bursts in with full power, taking their warriors with them back to the ancient battlegrounds of Sparta, Rome, or side by side with the glorious Ragnar...


The Tribune - Vocals
The Crusader - Guitar
The Viking - Bass
The Spartan - Drums


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Warkings Revolution
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