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The Wonders Still Awaiting

The time has finally come to dive into new adventures! Chart-topping German symphonic metal icons XANDRIA open the promising next chapter of the band's history with their long-awaited brand new full-length, The Wonders Still Awaiting, out February 3, 2023 via Napalm Records. With a potent new line-up, steadfastly centered around band mastermind Marco Heubaum to maintain the band’s trademark essence, XANDRIA invite their devotees into a new world of wonders, genres and elements without ever forgetting their sonic roots. After breaking the silence with their latest standalone single, the aptly entitled “Reborn”, followed by the multifaceted, hard-hitting “You Will Never Be Our God” (featuring Primal Fear frontman Ralf Scheepers), where Arch Enemy meets 80 heavy metal vibes, The Wonders Still Awaiting marks the first record presenting new vocalist Ambre Vourvahis, Robert Klawonn (guitars), Tim Schwarz (bass) and Dimitrios Gatsios (drums). Along with the aforementioned tracks and presenting 13 songs in total, XANDRIA's sound emerges harder, darker and more epic than ever before, but holds an intimate setting and range of emotions at the same time. Rich in different styles and genres, the album comes close to a movie score, sending its listener on an exciting journey...


Ambre Vourvahis - vocals
Marco Heubaum - guitar
Robert Klawonn - guitar
Tim Schwarz - bass
Dimitrios Gatsios - drums


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Album cover "The Wonders Still Awaiting"

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