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Where Fear and Weapons Meet


Ukrainian blackened death/doom metal offensive 1914 continue to reflect the gruesome tales of World War I, its soldiers’ fate, their death, fear and feats to be never forgotten, and unleash their new opus, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, on October 22nd, via Napalm Records. Its eleven tracks of pure historic harshness follow up to the band’s sophomore full-length, The Blind Leading the Blilnd (2018), and debut, Eschatology of War (2014), both highly acclaimed amongst critics, and create a sophisticated variety of massively brutal blackened death metal accented by dramatic and realistic audio soundscapes and disquieting melodies spiced with the approach of sludge and doom! Unlike their previous works, Where Fear and Weapons Meet is not about death, but about life. Most of the heroes and protagonists in the songs survived war, became heroes and finally returned home. Even the album cover emphasizes this: Injured, shell-shocked and bleeding, the only survivor of a shield attack is holding his hand out to death, praying in agony, but death does not take him away...


9. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 176, Hptm. Ditmar Kumarberg - vocals
The 51st Highland Division, 1/9th Bn. 2Lt. Liam Fessen - guitar
307th Infantry Regiment, Capt. Walter Wyhovsky - guitar
Le 151e regiment d'infanterie, Cne. Armin d'Harcourt - bass
K.K. Landwehr-Infanterieregiment Lemberg Nr.19, Obltn. Rostislaw Potoplacht - drums


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1914 - Ukrainian Black Metal Band


Ukrainian Black Metal Band
Album cover "Where Fear and Weapons Meet" - 1914

Album cover "Where Fear and Weapons Meet"

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