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Chapter II - Legacy


Symphonic metal onslaught AD INFINITUM are no stranger to the scene. With their spellbinding debut album, Chapter I - Monarchy (2020), brought to life in the middle of a global pandemic, the foursome reached millions of plays on streaming platforms and the intoxicating video for first single “Marching on Versailles” has gathered over 1.7M video views to date. In addition, frontwoman Melissa Bonny is consistently drawn to exciting musical collaborations, like her recent feature with FEUERSCHWANZ – which has already gained over 2.4 million views on YouTube since its release. Now, she sets her focus back to her main musical force as AD INFINITUM, with Adrian Thessenvitz (guitars), Korbinian Benedict (bass) and Niklas Müller (drums), will unveil its new opus, Chapter II - Legacy. The unit has built a creative blueprint for themselves, choosing to self-produce the second album independent from any producer influence during the writing process. Instead, they teamed up with orchestrator Elias Holmlid and Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Amaranthe and many more), who manned the amazing recording (vocals), mix, post production and mastering duties. Chapter II - Legacy surprises with a melting pot of different influences and a contrast between super heavy riffs, a sometimes even djent/metalcore-like touches and catchy hook lines and melodies...


Melissa Bonny - Vocals
Adrian Theßenvitz - Guitars
Korbinian Benedict - Bass
Niklas Müller - Drums


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Ad Infinitum - Swiss female fronted Symphonic Metal Band

Ad Infinitum

Swiss female frontet Symphonic Metal Band
Album Cover "Chapter II - Legacy" - Ad Infinitum

Album Cover "Chapter II - Legacy"

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Ad Infinitum
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