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Like the Japanese Dragon God of the sea, RYUJIN ebbs and flows effortlessly - blending traditional soundscapes with power and death metal mastery! Formed in 2011 as Gyze, “Samurai Metal” band RYUJIN deftly deliver heavy metal from Japan to the international masses with their self-titled Napalm Records debut, RYUJIN, out January 12, 2024. After releasing four highly acclaimed albums and appearing at major festivals worldwide, RYUJIN have developed their own identity, expressed with accents of tasteful traditional Japanese instrumentation (i.e. Shamisen, Dragon Flute, Erhu, Taiko), and lead guitar god Ryoji Shinomoto's incredible shredding technique and ripping vocals. On the new album, high speed riffs and breakneck guitar descents pair with traditional Japanese elements, delivering a sound influenced by everything from ancient orchestral Gagaku to even modern anime themes. RYUJIN features production by Matthew Kiichi Heafy (Trivium) and mixing/mastering by Mark Lewis, with guest appearances by Heafy (vocals and conducting on . . .


Ryoji Shinomoto - Guitar, Vocals, Shamisen, Erhu, Dragon Flute & Orchestration
Shuji Shinomoto - Drums, Vocals
Aruta Watanabe - Bass, Vocals




Ryujin Band Picture

Band Picture

Ryujin Album Cover

Album Cover

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Logo White

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